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Sehr Athar

About Create Healing Spaces

Sometimes it’s hard to navigate life’s difficult moments and transitions on your own. As a Social Worker, I know how effectively people can move through difficulty with just a bit of collaborative support.

The goal of Create Healing Spaces is to support people to feel empowered, find alignment in their lives during challenging times and build emotional resilience. My mission is to support you by providing you with education and resources on emotional well being, and to work with you using therapeutic tools like yoga, that will enable you to transition with agency through your healing journey.

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a personal journey

A series of sessions tailored to your unique needs, where we use therapeutic tools from yoga, Reiki therapy, and counselling practice to facilitate your journey.


build emotional resilience

During these group journeys, we draw from social work theory and education, and utilize yoga and mindfulness to facilitate healing and personal growth.



“Sehr’s presence made me feel so at peace right from the get-go. I was not sure what to expect in my first Reiki session – I had never had Reiki before, and I was curious as to how things would go. I immediately felt at ease with Sehr. I couldn’t place my finger on exactly what it was that made our session wonderful for me, until I sat down and reflected for awhile. I realized that it was Sehr’s own soothing and calming energy that really added an extra dimension to our Reiki session. She is genuine and caring in her practice, and her feedback at the end of the session was really valuable. I ended her session feeling lighter, calm and at peace with myself. I would highly recommend her as a Reiki healer.”


“I took a 1:1, individualized prenatal yoga session with Sehr and it was wonderful. She was sensitive to my needs and respectful of my limitations (I don’t typically do yoga). She even showed me positions and exercises specific to my baby being breech. The session provided me with strength, positive energy and relaxation. She also did reiki on me which really nurtured my soul. I would highly recommend Sehr for prenatal yoga!”.


“I really love receiving reiki treatments from Sehr because I feel really amazing afterwards and somehow her healing energies gives me what I need at the moment. Sometimes I feel really energized, sometimes quiet and thoughtful but definitely after I have my reiki sessions with Sehr I usually feel very balanced, grounded and at peace. I would highly recommend Sehr because of her warmth and gentleness and because she can integrate different approaches to reiki since she has been trained in different healing modalities including art therapy, yoga and social work.”

LEANNA LA, HR Professional, Yoga and Reiki enthusiast

“Sehr is easy to work with and has a natural ability to figure out your problem areas and apply Reiki as a calming treatment. I have never tried Reiki before, but enjoyed my experience with Sehr and would highly recommend her to people looking for an alternative treatment or even for those interested in trying a new Reiki professional”.

Upcoming courses and workshops that enable individuals to build emotional resilience.
Schedule & Details
Upcoming courses and workshops that enable individuals to build emotional resilience.
Schedule & Details

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