Individual Services & Packages

Whether you are experiencing a life transition, loss, stress, or anxiety, my holistic services can support you in your healing journey.

a personal journey

I offer personalized wellbeing services and packages based on initial consultation between us to help me understand your goals for healing. 

After understanding your goals, I will design plan for us to work together tailored to your unique needs, where we use therapeutic tools from yoga, Reiki therapy, and counselling practice to facilitate your journey. Sometimes it might be a series of private yoga sessions designed to meet your wellbeing goal, or it might be a series of counselling sessions with 1-2 Reiki treatments offered in between.  I also offer single session counselling, and single session Reiki and Yoga.  

My services are a best fit for individuals who are: 

  • open to mind-body practices, and do not want to rely on one modality alone in their healing journey
  • experiencing difficult life transitions and moments (eg. burnout, grief, loss, relationship breakups, work-life balance) 
  • searching for relief and coping strategies for depression and anxiety
  • on a personal growth journey (eg. looking to strengthen self compassion or reconnect with life’s purpose)
  • or anyone looking for complimentary and holistic tools to add to what they are already accessing for their wellbeing

Below is a list of packages and their rates. Please connect with me so that I can help you to choose the package that best meets your needs. To learn more about the modalities I use in my therapeutic toolkit, please see below.

Individual Services

$100 –  Counselling for individuals

$130-  Single session counselling- 1.5 hours using Solution Focused Therapy.

$100- 1 hour Yoga for wellbeing (Hatha, Yin & Restorative)

$130- 1.5 hour Yoga for wellbeing (Hatha, Yin, Restorative)

$100- 1 hour Reiki therapy treatment

$130- 1.5 hour Reiki therapy treatment

Individual Packages

$350 – In this package you will be offered 4 sessions from Create Healing Space’s Therapeutic Toolkit that will support you in your healing journey. This is a great introductory package to anyone who wants to experience a range of holistic therapies that are tailored to the individual in mind.

$100 for any add on service

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$550 – This wellbeing package, includes 6 sessions, for those who want to try more holistic tools in order to achieve their healing goals. Homework is provided inbetween sessions in order to enable you to glean insight from the different modalities that you try with me.

$100 for any add on service.

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$800 – This package includes 9 sessions and is intended for those who would like more active support during their journey. It will include more wellness counseling sessions so that you are able to integrate your learnings and insights from each session in a way that aligns with your goals. This package includes a wellbeing resource plan that I offer you at the end of our sessions together so that you are able to continue on your own.

$100 for any add on service.

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Courses and Workshops

I offer courses and workshops that enable individuals to build emotional resilience, in person and online. During these group journeys, we draw from social work theory and education, and utilize yoga and mindfulness to facilitate healing and personal growth. Examples of workshops and class series include:

  • Reiki Restorative Yoga for Reducing Stress
  • Exploring Self Compassion through Yoga
  • Post Natal Yoga- Beating the 4th Trimester Blues
  • Creative Visioning and Intention Setting

Active courses and upcoming workshops:

Flow & Restore- Wednesday, August 18

August 18 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Gentle Hatha – Sunday, August 15

August 15 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Flow & Restore- Wednesday, August 11

August 11 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Gentle Hatha – Sunday, August 8

August 8 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Therapeutic ToolKit

The combination of therapeutic modalities utilized at Create Healing Spaces are unique, holistic and essential to the healing process. Please click on each one below for more information about how it works and is utilized.



At Create Healing Spaces I use yoga – hatha, yin & restorative – as a means to practice tuning in and being fully present in the body. By being fully present in the body, we are able to understand ourselves on a deeper level, and this understanding promotes healing and resilience.



With 1:1 counselling and psycho-education in group journeys, my clients feel equipped in building long-term emotional resilience.


Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy is a Japanese healing modality that supports peoples' emotional well being. It creates a space for healing, by clearing spiritual and emotional blockages in the energetic pathways of the body.

Inquire now. Your journey awaits.