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What is Reiki?

The Canadian Reiki Association’s definition of Reiki is a “Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. Working as a support mechanism to the body, Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ki (life force energy) throughout the system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability.” Reiki works to bridge the mind and body, clear toxins and emotional blockages.

“Sehr is easy to work with and has a natural ability to figure out your problem areas and apply Reiki as a calming treatment. I have never tried Reiki before, but enjoyed my experience with Sehr and would highly recommend her to people looking for an alternative treatment or even for those interested in trying a new Reiki professional”.

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What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki can help deeply with life’s difficult moments and transitions.

I work with Reiki as a tool to support my clients in clearing emotional and spiritual blockages, easing anxiety, reducing stress and ultimately promoting the body’s parasympathetic nervous system response- also known as “Rest and Digest” response.

I use Reiki to support my clients in gaining on issues, past or present, as well as further insights into their needs and goals.

For me, it supports clients with feeling centered and aligned as part of their healing journey.

Reiki Treatment Fees

Reiki is part of the individualized wellness packages that I offer. If you would like to try a session on its own, please see my rates below.


This is a standard treatment for single session Reiki therapy. I start with inviting you to set an intention for the session, and from there on I work intuitively with that intention in mind. 


Reiki is more effective if the client receives regular treatment, and is also committed to their healing goals in between sessions. This is a 3-session package at a reduced rate. We will work together on your healing goals for these sessions.

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