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Yoga with Sehr

I use yoga as a mind-body resource to support individuals’ in their emotional wellbeing.

Group classes and workshops with me are usually small,  6- 8 students max., which means that you get more one-on-one individualized attention. I focus on alignment cues so that the pose is safe for you, as well as body and emotional awareness cues in my teachings. I always try to bring a lightness to the practice. Yoga with me is invitational, supportive and explorative. I don’t use hands on assists unless it is a Restorative class, and only with your consent first.

I teach yoga for all ages, including seniors, children and pregnant folks.

Below is a list of Yoga practices that I utilize interchangeably in both group and individual experiences.


Almost all yoga styles and approaches can be derived from hatha yoga; which is the practice of the physical asanas (poses) of yoga. The hatha style that I teach is a body-centered practice, where we hold the poses for 3-5 breaths. It is through the physical practice of yoga that we achieve emotional and mental wellbeing.  So while I might be teaching you physical asanas, I’m using them to achieve a deeper outcome for your wellbeing.


In Restorative Yoga, we use supportive props like bolsters, blocks & blankets in nourishing passive poses that allow for deep relaxation and release of tension. We usually stay within the poses for  7-12 minutes. Restorative Yoga calms the parasympathetic nervous system- also known as our rest and digest response- and therefore is an effective tool to promote wellbeing and reducing stress. At times I will incorporate Reiki into a restorative yoga class or individual session as it pairs wonderfully, allowing for deeper healing.

teacher helping student in yoga pose


In Yin Yoga, we also hold poses for longer, often 5 to 7 minutes, which promotes mindfulness, body awareness and a deeper understanding of the self.

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